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“C&J is offering by far the most aggressive promotion available to ASD clients today even for our busiest clients, 2.9% rate for 90 days. These people are great! I have had the fortune of spending quite a bit of time with Jamie and company. We share a common goal, a long term relationship with your firm through excellence and very competitive rates.”

Kevin R. Czachor              

Vice President (& Family Member Owner)  

ASD-Answering Service for Directors

C&J – ASD FAST FUNDING® Rewards Program


2.9% discount funding rate for 90 days and lower your ASD bill


As a client of ASD, C&J will fund your families’ assignments within 24 hours of verification for the first 90 days at only a 2.9% discount which, in most cases, can be included in the funeral bill allowing you upfront payment at no cost to you. After your 90 day trial the normal funding rate is only 4.5%.

Also C&J will give your firm a credit of $4.00 applied to your ASD bill for every $1000.00 in assignments that you FAST FUND through C&J. As an example, if you fund $25,000.00 in assignments within a given month C&J will give you a $100.00 credit toward your monthly bill.  The more assignments you FAST FUND, the lower your ASD bill becomes, the more you increase your bottom line. (ASD Rewards and 90 day trial is only available for new C&J accounts)

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Here is what other ASD clients are saying about C&J….

Kirk Popiolek, Owner, Popiolek Funeral Home – Barrington, New Jersey


I have been using C&J Financial since they started with the ASD Partnership. All I can say is they are wonderful! The people at C&J provide fast and friendly service and are always ready and able to answer my insurance questions. I found that their outstanding customer support and vast claim form library makes dealing with C&J easier than dealing with the insurance company themselves. Thanks for offering such a great company!

Mike Orcutt, President/Owner, Angel Valley Funeral Home – Tuscon, Arizona


I just want to let people who read these testimonials know that C & J Financial is for real. In less than sixty days we have done 4 assignments with them. Even the first one (Learning Curve) was fairly easy but the last three have been a blast. Literally we get the $$$ in our account within two to three days. Wow! Keep up the good work.

Thomas W. Gale, Co-Owner, Currie Funeral Home – Kilmarnock, Virginia


In today’s business world, it’s good to know that a company exists that has the ability to do business in a timely manner at fair rates and still speak with the client on a personal level. C & J Financial does just that!

Chris Branson, President/Owner, Carlisle Branson Funeral Service & Crematory – Mooresville, Indiana


We have been using C&J for a couple of years now, and their team has been a great help in bringing our receivables under control. Their work alleviates me having a staff person following up on our claims weekly. Their fee is very reasonable, and their staff is very helpful and responsive.

Xenia Ward, James H. Hunt Funeral Home – Asbury Park, New Jersey


The majority of payments our funeral home receives are made up of about 70 percent insurance assignments, which was causing us a tremendous cash flow problem. Most insurance companies take a month and a half even when they tell you it’ll only be ten days. With C&J, you get information right up front because they have access to insurance representatives that we don’t. The peace of mind is phenomenal because we get paid immediately and aren’t held accountable for the missing funds. My receivables have gone from two-months to 24 hours.