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Federated Funeral Directors of America

FAST FUNDING® Insurance Assignment Program

C&J is honored to have partnered with the premiere funeral home accounting and business service firm, Federated Funeral Directors of America, to offer its members immediate funding solutions for families that wish to pay for services with life insurance.

As an Owner/Operator of an independent funeral home company, you understand the need for immediate payment of services when they are rendered. Accepting insurance assignments provides a valuable payment option for you and the families you serve. However, accepting assignments can be costly and time consuming to you and your staff. The average time to collect on an assignment is typically 30 to 45 days.time is money Unfortunately, some assignments can take several months depending on the status of a death certificate with pending medical examiner and or police reports.

C&J’s FAST FUNDING® Insurance Assignment program eliminates the hassle and cash flow delay associated with insurance assignments by funding your claims within 24 hours of verification of benefits. Filing claims is as EASY as pushing a button. Once your account has been established simply log in to your Assignment Funding Management System select Submit a New Claim and fill out the information of the deceased. C&J’s Document Preparation Program then prepares the documents needed for the claim. Have the beneficiary sign them and upload, email or fax them to C&J.

As soon as the status of the insurance policy is determined and the amount of benefit is verified, payment is made to the funeral home or cemetery. This is typically a 24 to 48 hour process from the funding request to receipt of funds versus waiting weeks or months to receive payment.


  • Eliminate Accounts Receivable
  • Reduce Administrative Costs
  • Insurance policy smaller
  • NO RISK to you – Non recourse funding
  • Funding within 24 hours of verification
  • Web based claims submission process
  • Death Certificate not required prior to funding
  • Payments wired directly into your operating account
  • Deal with only one company for all your assignment cases
  • Special FFDA member discount rates – 3.98%
  • Beneficiary Cash Advances available
  • Same rate for individual and group policies

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