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Selected’s FAST FUNDING® Insurance Assignment Program & Quarterly Rebate Benefit

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Do you prefer families pay for your goods and services by cash, check, or credit card?

Most funeral homes and cemeteries do. It is certainly understandable, cash in hand keeps your business running smooth. Not to mention the hassle and headaches involved with insurance assignments. It is not uncommon for funeral homes and cemeteries to guide their families, consciously or unconsciously, to pay according to the preference of the business. What effect does this have on your bottom line?

Families who use cash, check or credit cards to pay for funeral services spend on average 31% LESS than families paying with life insurance!!!

This data is based on a study with more than 700 of our client firms in 2015. The value of a truly cashless transaction allows the family to purchase the goods and services they want rather than having to rely solely on the funds available in their bank account or on their credit cards.

In a 2012 NFDA Survey published in The Director Magazine, insurance assignments accounted for just 15.9% of how families actually paid for their funerals. However, 70% of American families own some type of life insurance according to 2015 statistics from the American Council of Life Insurers & LIMRA International.

By adjusting your payment policy and encouraging more families to pay with life insurance you can create a better experience for your families and become more profitable without increasing your call volume.

Adopting this strategy doesn’t come without pitfalls. You must consider if it is worth…

  • Dramatically increasing your accounts receivables and stifling your cashflowInsurance policy smaller
  • Decreased productivity as more staff and more time is needed to manage these claims
  • Cost of capital – If it’s not in your account or you are not earning interest your money is not working for you.
These are just few of the issues that begin to eat away at the very increases you are trying to gain.

This is where C&J Financial can help. With our insurance assignment funding and verification services we can allow you to realize these gains while decreasing your accounts receivable, increasing cash flow, streamlining the claims process to increase productivity, and allow you to stop being a bank.

As soon as the status of the insurance policy is determined and the amount of benefit is verified, payment is made to your firm. This is typically a 24 to 48 hour process from the funding request to receipt of funds versus waiting weeks or months to receive payment. As a member of Selected you receive a NO RISK – FREE trial. During your first 30 days C&J will fund up to $25,000 in assignments absolutely free! The trial period will begin on the day you submit your first claim. Here are a few additional benefits of using C&J;


      • Eliminate Accounts Receivable
      • Reduce Administrative Costs
      • NO RISK to you – Non recourse funding
      • Receive payment within 24 hours of verification
      • Web based claims submission process
      • Death Certificate not required prior to funding
      • Increase your average sale
      • Payments wired directly into your operating account
      • Discount funding rate of only 3.9%
      • Quarterly Rebates based on volume*
      • Beneficiary Rapid Cash available

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Here’s what other Selected Members are saying…

Laurens Fish III, President of Weed-Corley-Fish Funeral Homes


C&J Financial has been a great partner for the past 4 years. Their process and paperwork are clear and concise with no hidden fees or complications. their customer service is great to work with and most importantly payment comes fast. I would highly recommend C&J to others.

Scott Newman, Vice President of Finance & Operations – Baue Funeral Homes & Cemeteries


C&J truly stands out amongst insurance assignment funding companies. They have the ability and expertise to fund claims other companies would not even consider. Their customer service representatives are first class and are attentive to all out needs. Since making the switch to C&J we have experienced first hand their commitment to the funeral profession by using their Assignment Funding Management software which allows our Funeral Directors to do what they do best, care for the family. I would highly recommend C&J to anyone considering their services.

Jon C. Thomas II, Vice President – Forest Meadows Funeral Homes & Cemeteries


We’ve been using C&J for over 3 1/2 years. Since making the switch our staff has definitely been won over by their ease of use, easy to find forms, and excellent customer service. With the cost of business going up every year, I woudl highly recommend giving C&J a call!

Chris Branson, President / Owner of Carlisle Branson Funeral Service & Crematory


We have been using C&J for several years now, and their team has been a great help in bringing our receivables under control. Their work alleviates me having a staff person following up on our claims weekly. Their fee is reasonable, and their staff is very helpful and responsive.

Rick Haisley, Owner / CEO of Haisley Funeral & Cremation Service


We have been using C&J at for a little over a year now and it has made a huge difference in our operations. The process is much more efficient than filing claims directly with insurance companies and our cash flow has greatly improved. Since we had always filed life insurance for the families and waited on our money, we had some concerns as to how our families would react when a fee was charged for processing insurance. Most of our clients have no issue with the fee and would rather use insurance than have to pay for the services out of pocket. C&J has worked very well for our firms.

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